Numbers and distribution of
breeding- and wintering birds
in Brussels

Observed species

1.Greater Canada Goose
2.Greylag Goose
3.Feral Greylag Goose
4.Domestic Swan Goose-
5.Black Swan
6.Mute Swan
7.Egyptian Goose
8.Common Shelduck
9.Mandarin Duck
10.Northern Shoveler
13.Feral Mallard
14.Eurasian Teal
15.Red-crested Pochard-
16.Common Pochard
17.Ferruginous Duck
18.Tufted Duck
19.Grey Partridge
20.Common Pheasant
21.Common Swift-
22.Rock Dove-
23.Feral Rock Dove
24.Stock Dove
25.Common Wood Pigeon
26.Eurasian Collared Dove
27.Water Rail
28.Common Moorhen
29.Eurasian Coot
30.Little Grebe
31.Great Crested Grebe
32.Northern Lapwing
33.Little Ringed Plover-
34.Eurasian Woodcock
35.Common Snipe
36.Green Sandpiper-
37.Black-headed Gull
38.Mew Gull
39.European Herring Gull
40.European Herring Gull ssp argentatus-
41.Caspian Gull
42.Yellow-legged Gull
43.Lesser Black-backed Gull
44.Gull spec.-
45.White Stork
46.Great Cormorant
47.Grey Heron
48.Great Egret-
49.European Honey Buzzard-
50.Eurasian Sparrowhawk
51.Northern Goshawk
52.Red Kite
53.Common Buzzard
54.Little Owl-
55.Tawny Owl
56.Common Kingfisher
57.Middle Spotted Woodpecker
58.Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
59.Great Spotted Woodpecker
60.Black Woodpecker
61.European Green Woodpecker
62.Common Kestrel
63.Eurasian Hobby-
64.Peregrine Falcon
65.Monk Parakeet
66.Alexandrine Parakeet
67.Rose-ringed Parakeet
69.Eurasian Jay
70.Eurasian Magpie
71.Western Jackdaw
73.Carrion Crow
74.Northern Raven-
75.Coal Tit
76.European Crested Tit
77.Marsh Tit
78.Willow Tit-
79.Eurasian Blue Tit
80.Great Tit
81.Eurasian Skylark
82.Sand Martin-
83.Barn Swallow-
84.Common House Martin-
85.Cetti's Warbler-
86.Long-tailed Tit
87.Wood Warbler-
88.Willow Warbler-
89.Common Chiffchaff
90.Sedge Warbler-
91.Eurasian Reed Warbler-
92.Marsh Warbler-
93.Melodious Warbler-
94.Icterine Warbler-
95.Eurasian Blackcap
96.Garden Warbler-
97.Lesser Whitethroat-
98.Common Whitethroat-
99.Common Firecrest
101.Eurasian Wren
102.Eurasian Nuthatch
103.Short-toed Treecreeper
104.Common Starling
105.Song Thrush
106.Mistle Thrush
108.Common Blackbird
110.Spotted Flycatcher-
111.European Robin
112.Common Nightingale-
113.European Pied Flycatcher-
114.Black Redstart
115.Common Redstart-
116.European Stonechat
117.House Sparrow
119.Western Yellow Wagtail-
120.Grey Wagtail
121.White Wagtail
122.White Wagtail
123.Meadow Pipit
124.Tree Pipit-
125.Common Chaffinch
128.Eurasian Bullfinch
129.European Greenfinch
130.Lesser Redpoll
131.Red Crossbill-
132.European Goldfinch
133.Eurasian Siskin
134.Common Reed Bunting